Shop Information (The Dragstrip)

Main Entry Hall
Our main entrance to the building is very informative. Along the left wall you will find most of our certifications (click here to see our certifications). We may try to find room to hang some of our less important, but interesting certifications in the future. Along the right wall you will find a schedule of upcoming events including SCCA, drag racing, car shows, and cruise-ins. Also, new products releases, sales, and lists of consignment items are posted here for your review. At the end of the entry hall is where the customer restroom is located. The end of the entrance hall opens into the main store.

Checkout Area & Trophy Room
Our checkout area & trophy room is the area you enter from the entrance hall. Our extensive trophy collection is also housed in this area. Although some of our trophies have been lost or damaged during our moves, about 50 have survived and are located here (there are so many that there are still more located in our customer waiting room). Our main customer catalog rack is located in the trophy area. We have one glass showcase here that houses various items. A door behind the checkout leads to the service area. The customer waiting room is located just off this area. From this area is also how you enter the main showroom.

Checkout showcaseTrophies (at least all that will fit)

Main Showroom
Our main showroom is open now. We have most of our displayed products in this area. To help keep the area clear for customers, most of our extensive inventory is located in our two inventory areas in the building. We have three mirror-backed showcases for the store. We have installed a computer (not shown) on one of the showcases which is connected directly to the internet by DSL for customers to browse manufacturer's websites as well as our own.

High-end wheel racksMain retail showroomSuspension section of showroomRoyal Purple DisplayDetail products centerRedline oil and K&N filter center

Air induction tubes and filtersBrake section of showroomExhaust display centerSeating Display

Display cases in showroomChrome and high polished items in showcaseGReddy oil coolers, relocators, catch can, and harnessesGReddy gaugesGReddy Turbos
Air diffusers in showcase
Nitrous showcaseHard parts showcaseGasket center

Second Showroom
Our second showroom is primarily devoted to electronics, including car audio, vehicle lighting, security and convenience items, radar detectors, and performance electronics. There are a few functional displays that customers can use to see how the products will perform.

High-end lighting section in second showroomHigh-end lighting casesElectronics case and audio display

Customer Lounge
We have a comfortable customer lounge for those who wish to wait. We have a comfortable leather couch from Ethan Allen for customers. We have a television. We have a Super VHS VCR, a progressive scan DVD player, and DirecTV digital satelite set up in this room with a Dolby Pro-Logic receiver with 5.1 surround sound, center channel, and subwoofer for our customer's pleasure. We have a selection of DVD and VHS tapes to view, or feel free to bring your own. We often play demos of the popular Options videos from Japan. Our receiver has input jacks for those customers wishing to bring a video game system. We have two 10/100 base T ethernet hookups as well as 802.11b wireless connection to our DSL line if you would like to bring a laptop to with. We often have the ability to pick you up some lunch when we pick something up for our staff. For those bringing children, we have some toys and a selection of coloring books and crayons.

Waiting room wallBrochure RackTelevision and other entertainment equipment

Wholesale/Bookkeeping Office
We have a separate office now to take care of our wholesale accounts. We currently have over 65 other shops that we supply. We also keep a complete reference library of books and magazines for the staff to use. There is also additional surveillance equipment located in this office.

Wholesale officeBookkeeping officeBrochure RackReference racks

Shipping Area
We have a shipping area where we can prepare any packages for shipment to our customers. We have a generous supply and type of packing materials and various size boxes stored here to help us keep shipping weight down which helps us to keep shipping costs down and shipping damage to a minimum. All packages are sent out fully insured.

Inventory Areas
We have three inventory areas at Street Sports building one. The first is primarily used for our regular products that we stock, most of our fluids such as oils and lubricants, and our waxes and other car care products. We keep most of the heavier products here on two giant warehouse racks such as headers, exhausts, intercoolers, and turbo kits. We also keep engine parts from simple bolts, brackets, and engine mounts to power steering pumps, alternators, distributors, air conditioning systems, radiators, and transmissions. We also store many of the displays that are not currently in use in the store. We keep our mobile electronics items such as autosound products here as well as having one of the most complete inventories of automotive security systems and accessories in Kentucky. The second inventory area is an upstairs area built over the customer waiting room and checkout/trophy room and is home mostly to lighter weight items such as body kits, carbon fiber hoods, and some larger items like wheels and nitrous oxide kits. The third inventory is upstairs over top of the shipping area and second showroom. We keep a back stock of magazines for sale. Part of this area was also converted to a staff break area after we opened our second building.

Warehouse racks Overhead stock roomStock area DVD inventoryLenses and bulb inventory not on regular displayVarious overstock of some quick moving stock

Our garage area in building one can hold as many as six cars at a time, although we usually limit it to four, in order to give us more room to maneuver. Building two can house about a dozen vehicles inside. Between the two buildings, we have over $190,000 in tools and equipment. Although most is from Snap-On, some specialty tools from other vendors such as Mac, OTC, Weller, Porter-Cable, Motorvac, Fluke, Hypertherm, and Lincoln-Electric are used when they have been shown to be the best. We are among the first shops in the nation to have some of this equipment. Building two has a metal fabrication facility with two parts washers, a glass bead cabinet, MIG, TIG and ARC welders from Lincoln-Electric. A Hypertherm plasma cutter. Metal polishing equipment. Twenty ton shop press. Many other pieces of equipment. We have a wood and fiberglass fabrication facility. We have a clean room specifically geared for engine assembly. We also have a very large second level area to house additional products, engines, and tires. There is a swingout gate for us to use a fork lift to get pallets of parts up and down.

Window tint NOS cryogenic nitrous oxide refill pumpNitrous oxide plus cylinders Building two projects under wayBuilding two projects under way Staging areaSubie's in the shop

Our newest lift is the highest tech lift available with LCD display and computerized functionsOne of the screens available shows lift points for each vehicle, this one is for a Subaru WRX STi we were working on

Workbench and Tool Area
This area is located in our second building. It is where we prep many of the parts we install. The workbench has a one piece solid oak surface. It is very large and is home to a bench grinder and wire wheel, a huge strut tamer, a Wilton vise, and two interchangeable precision VersaGrip vises. We have a freezer for freezing nitrous bottles before servicing located in this area. We have parts racks for upcoming jobs, and we also keep most of our small parts, hardware, and installation accessories housed here.

Wheel & Tire Area
This area is located in our second building. It is where we mount and dismount tires using the industry's best machine, a Hunter TC3500 Evo-series bead roller tire changer. It is run-flat certified and designed specifically for tough applications. This is also where we balance the wheel assemblies after the tire has been mounted using the industry's best machine, a Hunter GSP9700 (ours is actually a 9712) road-force balancing machine. It, along with a full Haweka adapter set from Germany (no longer available in the US) insures the best possible balance that removes all vibration from the assemblies. This machine can perform balancing that no other dynamic balancer in the world can achieve, which is of course exactly why we have one.

Wheel and tire prep areaCloseup of our wheel and tire machines

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