Shop Information (Lexington)

Main Showroom
Our main showroom is open now. We have most of our displayed products in this area. To help keep the area clear for customers, most of our extensive inventory is located in our two inventory rooms in the building.We have also already purchased three new mirror-backed showcases for the store, and we will display many items previously never displayed. We have installed a computer (not shown) on one of the showcases which is connected directly to the internet by DSL for customers to browse manufacturer's websites as well as our own.

ShowroomDisplay RackWheel Rack of high line wheels, mostly forged and lightweight sets like Volk Racing and GramlightsEntranceSmall Rack
New showroom cases and wall displayGReddy oil coolers, relocators, catch can, and harnessesGReddy gaugesGReddy Turbos
Engine display
D16 VTEC engine displayStrut Braces and Intake Tubes

Trophy Room
Our trophy room houses most of our trophies. Although some of our trophies have been lost or damaged during our moves, about 50 have survived and are located here. (Photos coming) Also in this room you will find our certification wall where we hang our most significant certifications (click here to see our certifications.) We may try to find room to hang some of our less important, but interesting certifications in the future. The bathroom and storage rooms are also located off of this room.

Some of our many trophiesPlaques and certifications

Second Showroom
Our second showroom was completed in early 2001(click to see some photos.) We decided to carpet the room like the first showroom and trophy room. We have the wall carpeted to match the main showroom and we have the slatwall installed on the walls. We have a television set up in this room to view demos of the popular Options videos from Japan as well as race coverage on satelite.

Accessory CenterAudra on the phone at the main counterShowroom 2

Our garage area can hold as many as three cars at a time, although we usually limit it to two, in order to give us more room to maneuver. We have purchased over $90K in tools and equipment, mostly from Snap-On, but some specialty tools from other vendors such as Mac, OTC, Weller, Fluke, Hypertherm, and Lincoln-Electric. We are among the first shops in the nation to have some of this equipment.What cannot be seen in these pictures, is the addition of two warehouse racks, an oven for curing powder coating, two parts washers, a glass bead cabinet, a cryogenic refill station for servicing nitrous oxide cylinders, a large capacity industrial air compressor, and many other specialty tools.

Snap-On Harrier LiftGarage Area with engine storage areaGarage Area 2

Workbench and Tool Area
This area is as large as our second showroom (no photos). It is where we prep many of the parts we install. The workbench has a one piece solid oak surface. It is very large and is home to a bench grinder and wire wheel, a huge strut tamer, a Wilton vise, and two interchangeable precision VersaGrip vises. We have a freezer for freezing nitrous bottles before servicing located in this area. We have parts racks for upcoming jobs, and we also keep most of our small parts, hardware, and installation accessories housed here.

Shipping Area
We have a shipping area where we can prepare any packages for shipment to our customers. We have a generous supply and type of packing materials and various size boxes stored here to help us keep shipping weight down which helps us to keep shipping costs down and shipping damage to a minimum. We have only had one product damaged in over ten years. We also keep warranty items here before they are returned to the manufacturer.

Inventory Rooms
We have two inventory rooms at Street Sports. One is primarily used for our regular products that we stock, most of our fluids such as oils and lubricants, and our waxes and other car care products. We keep most of the larger products here such as headers, exhausts, intercoolers, and turbo kits. We keep our mobile electronics such as autosound products here as well as having one of the most complete inventories of automotive security systems and accessories in Kentucky. We also store many of the displays that are not currently in use. The second inventory room is home mostly to engine parts from simple bolts, brackets, and engine mounts to power steering pumps, alternators, distributors, air conditioning systems, radiators, and transmissions. We also keep a back stock of magazines for sale and a complete reference library.

Overhead stock roomStock area

Overhead Loft
We have built an overhead loft area (not shown) that we can now store larger lightweight items such as body kits and carbon fiber hoods that we were not able to house previously. This loft was installed in early 2002.

Wholesale Office
We have an office now for Audra to work out of to take care of our wholesale accounts. We currently have over 50 other shops that we supply. She has her own computer on a DSL line where these accounts can instant message her "live" throughout the day.There is also additional surveillance equipment located in this office.

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