Shop Photos-Under Construction

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Main parking area looking towards entrance (only half of available area)The parking area is very accessible to the buildingEntrance to initial set of bays (and future warehouse area after second half of building is completed)Looking into the first set of bays, may become warehouse after second half of building is completedFirst set of installation bays

Checkout areaCheckout area looking into main showroomWaiting room with window to installation area.  Will have leather couch, satelite television, and other amenitiesMobile electronics room under contructionNew mobile electronics room is under contruction

Entrance to owner's officeWholesale office with window to main showroomWholesale office looking into main officeOffice has visibility to initial installation areaHigh speed network hub for internal information systems and internet support

Secure storage area for high value itemsWarehouse racks set up in secure storage area with first load of exhaust systems loadedAccess to long term storage area (warranty boxes, extra equipment, etc.)

Installing new electric circuitsTesting the electical system Electric run in electronics roomOutside view of new electronics roomNew electronics room with acoustic insulationDrywall going up with recessed lightingMoving products in Tire Racks being built New showcase seen through doorway of new roomShowcasesRecessed lighting finished Stairway to second floor being built

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