Headlight Polishing

The Problem?
Over time, the sun, the elements, and road debris act together to ruin the surface of most headlight lenses. This causes a loss of lighting on the roadway at night. This happens so gradually, that most people do not even realize that it is happening, or how much it affects them as they grow used to it. Not only do you lose the total amount of lumens, but the prisms in the glass and/or facets on the reflector inside the housing cannot aim the light properly. In addition to this, some of the lighting energy is reflected back into the housing causing an increase of heat and accelerating failure of the headlight bulb.

The Solution!
We can polish your headlight housing's lenses and bring them back to life, restoring proper lighting projection distance and directionality, as well as total light output and a reduction of heat buildup. Bring your vehicle by, or call us for a quote.

Examples (click photos for larger views):

Mitsubishi Eclipse turbo
Mitsubishi Eclipse turbo headlight before polishing Before Mitsubishi Eclipse turbo headlight after polishing After

Acura Integra
Low beam lens before polishingHigh beam lens before polishing Before High beam lens polishedLow beam lens polished After

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