eBay Trading Assistant Program

We are a Registered Trading Assistant - We can sell items for you!

We are pleased to announce that we have become a Registered eBay Trading Assistant. After years of trying to help many of our customers learn how to take their items that they have left over from vehicle upgrades and vehicle turn-ins when getting a new vehicle, we have decided to help start the program. Although it helps us in many ways, it will help all of you even more. How? Let us address some of the main points:

Drop-off hours:
Mon - Fri: 10 AM - 8 PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
Item pick-up:
 Available within 20 miles
Pick-up Service offered based on availability of driver and type of items being picked up. Please call for details.
Languages spoken:
I offer help selling:
Consumer / Household
Business Liquidation
Estate Liquidation
Government Surplus

Service description

Street Sports is a full-service Trading Assistant. We have been in business since 1993, and has been a member of eBay since 1999. We have a feedback of over 100 and with a 100% positive rating. We have a Business location that is open from 10am to 8pm, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) for you to drop off items. We also have a limited ability to pick-up your items at your location. From that point, we will inventory your items, photograph them, create the listings for them, place them on eBay to sell. We will then field all questions asked by potential bidders in a timely manner (very important to Buyers), and monitor the entire auction process until the end. Once the item sells, we will contact the Buyer, arrange payment options, professionally package the items for safe shipment, ship and track them, and provide you with an itemized list of all items sold with the sale price and our fees.

Buyers on eBay really need to know all the specifics of any item you are selling. The more you can tell us about your item, the more successful we'll be selling. Please be sure to tell us about any damage or aspects of your item that would make it less appealing to Buyers (honesty goes a long way on eBay).

Be sure to leave a message with any staff member if I am not at the store when you call. Better yet. send us an email. We will get back to you faster. You can reach us via email at TradingAssistant@streetsports.com - we will usually respond within 24 hours. Please sell with us because we have a long-standing reputation on eBay, and a set of loyal Buyers. Thank you very much for considering us as your eBay Trading Assistant. We look forward to helping you earn some income.


We charge our Clients a flat 25% commission on the final sale price of your items. We only charge a commission for items that sell, but we reserve the right not to list items we believe won't sell on eBay. Our Clients reimburse the fees that eBay charges for listing items with their service, including optional feature fees. We do not charge any additional fees to process payments as others do. We do not charge our Client's a handling fee for listing items as others do. We do not have limits on the value of the items we will place on eBay as others do. Call us for details on our commission structure.

Terms and conditions

eBay Listing:
Street Sports will photograph your items with the same professional Canon Digital SLR photography equipment that we use to photograph our own items that we sell in our several online stores. We then build the listing with specialized software that is always kept up to date. We host all the pictures ourselves (not with eBay), which allows us to put as many pictures in our listings as we need, with NO ADDITIONAL FEES (as others, including eBay charge). With our software, we can select from over 70 template themes to make your listing look professional, again with NO ADDITIONAL FEES (as others, including eBay charge). We prefer to begin our auctions at ($0.99) ninety-nine cents, as it really seems to drive excitement, unless you otherwise instruct us. We also like to start our auctions so that they end on Sunday evenings, unless you otherwise instruct us. Items will be sold to the highest Bidder, regardless of what the final value may be, unless there was a "reserve price" placed on that specific item.

Payment for Listing Services:
The Client agrees to pay for all eBay and PayPal fees. These fees will be deducted from the final sale price of the item. If the item does not sell, especially in the case of "reserve price" auctions, the Client is required to reimburse these fees to Street Sports.

Returns / Refunds:
Street Sports will sell all items "as is". We do not accept returns, unless the item is not as described, and we are notified within (3) three days of receipt that the Buyer would like to return the item. Street Sports must receive the item within (10) ten days of the notification of return. The item must be returned in it's original condition. If the item is returned, you have the option to re-list the item on eBay, or have it returned to you.

Payment to Client:
Payments due to Client will be paid after the Buyer has received the item and the (3) three day return period has expired. The amount due is the final value on eBay, minus any fees and commissions. Payment will be made by Street Sports Company Check and sent along with the final itemized report showing all items listed and sold, with the sales price and our fees.

Auction Lengths:
Auctions will run for a period of between (1) one and (10) ten days. Once the item has been listed on eBay, the auction will run the full course and must be sold to the highest bidder, regardless of price, unless the item has a "reserve price" and the reserve was not met. If any reason arises that you demand the items to be pulled, you will pay a cancellation fee of $50. This fee is payable in cash only upon surrender of items to you.

Limit of Liability:
Street Sports will compensate Client for items which are lost, stolen, or damaged while in our possession only to the extent that Client's insurance does not cover. The liability of the Trading Assistant is limited to $500.00 USD.

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