Project Cars-1991 Honda CRX Si

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Right fender and hood sanded and ready for primerFront bumper being aligned to hood and fenderFront bumper after being leveled with fiberglass.  There was almost a one inch gap when we started.Front left quarter already sanded.....still sanding with DA on backUsing DA sander on door....most rough molding complete
Rear bumper installed and rough molded into chassis.....lower flares not molded yet
Wing installed and aligned....still needs wiper hole filledCloseup of rear bumper molded into rear quarter with fiberglass and puttyLeft side masked....side skirts have an extra flare molded in now....rear bumper flare molded in nowRear bumper had to have fiberglass built up on top edge about an inch to remove the huge gap the kit had
Front masked and ready to paintRight fender is now molded to side skirt cap....skirt cap is molded to side skirt....door cap is molded to doorRight side masked and ready to can see the side skirt flares added and molded as well as the rear bumper flares moldedRear masked and ready to prime.....lower rear flares are molded in

Left front quarter view after it was primedFront of CRX primedLeft side view after priming....notice how nice all the molding cleans the lines of the kitAntenna hole welded and smoothed....moldings will be replaced when paintedRight front fender and side skirt cap molded and primed
Right rear quarter view of molded and primed bodykit....notice how nice the bumper flares turned outCloseup of flares molded into rear bumper after primingRight side primed....notice the molded door cap and the molding of the side skirt extensionCloseup of the flare molded into the rear of the side was originally supposed to go on the front of the side skirt, but we thought it looked better on the backRear wiper hole filled and primed

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