Project Cars-1999 Honda Civic Si (fully built high compression)

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Bare B16 block after cleanupB16 block after cylinder honingCrankshaft being installed with new bearings after machiningJE high compression pistons with Crower rods

Zex high performance valve spring set and titanium retainer setCrower rodsCrower rodsJE high compression pistons

ARP head stud set installed, bottom end builtMr Gasket MLS head gasketCylinder head fully builtIntake valve sideRockers installed
Installing cylinder head onto blockInstalling cylinder head onto blockK&N oil filter and block breather box installedZex camshafts and cam bridges installedCusco cam timing gears installed

Rough marking valve cover reliefsCloseup of rough marking valve cover reliefsValve cover with cam gear reliefs cutEngine on hoistPreparing to install engine

ACT race flywheelACT heavy duty pressure plate with modified street disc

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