Project Cars-1998 Dodge Neon R/T turbo

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Block bored and milledBlock bored 20 over for new JE pistonsBlock ready to receive crankshaftParts ready for assemblyJE piston and crower rod comboCrower rod cap

Front view of engine assembledSide view of engine assembledRear of engine assemblyCloseup of turbochargerClutch Masters stage 4 clutch (blurry)

Bay ready for engine to be installedEngine on hoistMoroso oil panTurbo with new wastegate actuator installedIntercooler (from top)Upper IC pipe with GReddy Type S BOV

Engine front closeupGReddy water temperature sensorAccel water temperature sensorGReddy EGT sensorAccel DFI FPR
Accel DFIAccel DFI (closeup)

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Pics of broken tensioner