Street Sports Weekly Cruise-In

Street Sports has finally revived one of our crowd favorite pastimes.

Thursday 29 July 2004 -- We are pleased to announce that our weekly cruise-in is back by popular demand.  For those who were not in the scene at the time, we used to meet weekly at the Parkette Drive-In on New Circle Road.  Then we moved to the Rally's on Nicholasville Road.  Then to Shillito Park.  Then to the Old Dragstrip.  Then we tried a main thoroughfare again behind Olive Garden on Nicholasville Road.  Well, we are going home, back to the Parkette Drive-In on New Circle Road.  We have had some conversations with the new ownership and management, and they have welcomed us back with open arms.  The Parkette is where it all began.

Beginning the first Thursday in August (next Thursday), and every Thursday after that (weather permitting) until the end of the season, we will be at the Parkette Drive-In on New Circle Road in Lexington. The cruise-ins will be from 8:30PM until the Parkette closes. This will give us enough time to close the shop up at 8PM and make it over there. If you wish, you can show up at the shop around 8PM and we will all drive to the Parkette together.

It is open to anyone who would like to join us and is open to the public who might like to see your rides (so clean 'em up :>).  The Parkette will be advertising this weekly get-together also, to draw more customers for themselves and exposure for us and the scene.  Please show up with good attitudes (no haters) or the Parkette will expect us to ask you to leave as we are in charge of this thing.  We do not want to baby-sit out there.  Thanks, and let's have a good time!


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