Street Sports' DSL live

Direct connection to the internet will mean better service for our customers

Friday 16 June 2000-- We are pleased to announce that our Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is now up and running. We have been waiting for this since March and it is finally here. We can receive email now during regular business hours. Before we did bulk downloading at night. This should mean faster turnaround for information requests. The service we will provide will continue to increase in scope and quality. We intend to upgrade our presence in the near future by adding an instant messaging system to the website. We also plan to add a new main page that is different from the one that you presently see. The original page will remain for first time visitors to the site. Then you will be directed to a different, more managed, more usable interface and navigational screen that you will probably want to bookmark and bypass the original splash screen. We will announce the addition of these modules as they happen.

The following two mailboxes are routed directly to the main computer at the shop during business hours: or or 

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