Street Sports' "Shop 2000" soon to open

April 5th, 2000 is date set for the new, expanded Street Sports

Friday 28 January 2000--Many of you may already know that we have been working since last August to expand our services. Many of you also know that we have been cramped for room for a long time. The concept for "Shop 2000" has been something we have working on for a long time. We had hoped to have been in a new building as of January 1st. Unfortunately we were held up by the lack of acceptable places to move into. We have been extremely lucky to come to an agreement for our new building. The new building is still located on Gold Rush Road, and in fact is located directly across the street from our current location in the same building as the Harley-Davidson and Porsche shops. Our new facility will be three times larger than our current facility. The extra room will be divided up to include some additional services that we are presently unable to offer due to room constraints. Our new facility will also have some much needed additional parking. Our customer waiting area will now be on the main level of the building for easier access to all people. An upgraded computer system and DSL service with a direct link to our main warehouse is almost ready now. This website will also benefit from our new DSL service scheduled to be installed May 2nd. For more information please contact us at 859/278-7873 or send us an email with your questions. We look forward to serving you in 2000.

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