We always welcome customers to stop by our location to see for themselves what we have to offer.  While we maintain a low price guarantee in our retail location in Lexington, they are not always as low as the internet or mail order catalogs.  We have been questioned as to why there's a difference.  The reason for this is pretty straightforward: There is additional overhead costs in stocking and maintaining merchandise in a retail environment.  It has to be inventoried, labeled, maintained, allotted shelf space, additional sales staff employed to explain products, etc., etc.  The difference is that you have the opportunity to select and see the product yourself.  You also receive knowledgeable personal service, answers to technical questions, and experienced advice from our friendly staff.  We also maintain a full installation and repair facility on premises that can handle anything from emblems to full engine swaps and upgrades.  We accept all major credit cards, checks, cash, and also have financing available for qualified individuals.

For our internet customers, we are working on a couple items of interest.  First, we are going to have some web only specials.  These specials will only be available through the website and not at our retail store.  The second and most exciting is our affiliate program with PayPal.  They will allow you to use various forms of payment from debit and credit cards to electronic payments from checking and savings accounts to pay for purchases from our website and many other sites such as eBay.  They provide fraud protection for both buyers and sellers.  This protection will help us keep our costs down and will give an extra measure of confidence to people who would dealing with us for the first time.  We are set up now with PayPal and are verified with them to further increase the protection you will receive.  To learn more, or to set up your own account with PayPal, click the PayPal logo and it will take you to their site.

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