Street Sports is committed to having a fair and competitive pricing.  To be able to give a price on an engine swap, we must know as much as possible prior to make an estimate.  Questions that would help determine a cost are:

What is the reason you want to up the power? Is it for street, show, drag racing, autocross, etc.?

How often do you use the car? Daily? Weekends only?

Do you plan on keeping the car?

How much are you plan on investing in the project? Should we get the cheapest swap we can find, or pay a little extra for less miles?

Do you want to retain air conditioning?

Would you like to save money by just dropping an engine in, or would you rather spend a little more to get all the worn parts replaced like the clutch, timing belt, water pump, drive belts, PCV valve, O2 sensor, plugs and wires, fuel filter, Motorvac service, synthetic oil, lightweight flywheel, throwout bearing, pilot bearing? Replacing many of these items up front with the engine out of the car is much cheaper labor than performing the same jobs AFTER the engine is installed into the vehicle, but it makes the initial cost of the swap higher. It pays to do everything up front and then just enjoy the vehicle rather than chase a new gremlin every month. It is definitely your choice, but we highly recommend it.

Would you like the engine cleaned?

Would you like the engine bay cleaned?

Would you like the engine painted?

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