Here at Street Sports, we do our best to serve our customers with the highest quality products and services available anywhere.  Because of this, we would like to ask that you please not email us with questions or comments unless you can be specific in regards to what you are needing (see guidelines below).

(Sorry, due to the large number of email we receive daily, we are unable to answer technical questions except those which relate directly to products purchased from Street Sports.)

You see, there is just not enough time in the day to provide the kind of attention to email that we would like.  Our open hours are 10AM to 7PM Monday through Friday.  We are sometimes often here earlier to get ready for the day and prepare to open the store.  We are almost always here later (sometimes until Midnight or later) finishing up on a car or just doing paperwork).  We sometimes use weekends to catch up on work at the shop, or are attending trade shows and training seminars to keep up with the latest technologies.  Other weekends are used to attend SCCA events and drag races.  Basically we are almost as busy "after hours" as during the regular open hours.  Because of this, our email is often answered on a "time available" basis and this has led to a backlog of email with some of our email sitting in our inbox for weeks if not months.

This is bad for you, in that you probably do not want to wait weeks for answers to your email questions, and also bad for us, since we hate to treat our customers this way.  So we are asking that you use the guidelines below to help speed up the process.  Keep in mind that questions that are easy to answer will be answered the quickest.

So, if you have questions about our products and services, please give us a call at the shop instead of sending us email, and we'll be happy to take your questions.  During the week, we answer the phones between 10AM and 7PM.  The phone number is 859/278-7873.

If you would still like to email us please send them to the correct address as follows and use the guidelines below.

Pricing and Sales questions -

General information and technical questions -

Website problems or questions -

Wholesale and dealer information -


Please Use The Following Guidelines

These guidelines are to help you get a faster response from us by making it easier for us to help you.  Just like a doctor, we need you to be as specific as possible.  You could not just go to the doctor and say "I hurt, fix it."  You would have to give him as much information as possible like where does it hurt?  Arm?  Leg?  Stomach?  How does it hurt?  All the time?  Just when you apply pressure?  The more information you can give to him, the better he can diagnose the problem and prescribe a treatment.  We use the same philosophy here when diagnosing a vehicle that we are working on.  But it can also help to determine which product would fit your needs.  We often get questions as vague as "I just bought a 95 Honda Civic with a VTEC motor in it, what all can I do to fix it up?" or "I need seats for my car and I need to know the models and prices for them."  The answer to the first question is "oh, about a hundred thousand things" (seriously!)  And the second question still has about possible answers.  What would help is if there were any ways to narrow the scope of the question.  The first person could help by telling us what they want to do with the car, go fast, look good, handle well, etc.  And then let us know if anything is already done to the car so we don't waste time suggesting something that they already have.  The second person has sixty or more choices of seats.  They could help by narrowing by either color preference, material preference, do they need it to recline, price range, etc.  All these things are an attempt to help the customer get the information they really need and get that information fast.


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