Street Sports does commercial for Nationals

Street Sports provides a vehicle to do burnouts for Midwest Nationals

May 2000-- Here are some of the pictures we took while we were making the television commercial for the Midwest Nationals. We were asked by the people at Special Events if we could provide a vehicle to do burnouts for a commercial. We gladly helped by providing Shawn Sexton's 92 Honda Prelude for the shoot. Shawn, Audi, and Nick showed up to the ABC television station's parking lot with both street tires, racing slicks, and all the tools necessary to swap them out. Special Events provided the water and the bleach. After all was set up, Shawn drove the car for the burnouts and got them on film. Then he turned the wheel over to the DJ from 106.3FM for the voiceovers for the commercial. Afterwards, Shawn piloted the car once again for the exit shots.

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starting rollupdj gets used to clutch in carvoiceover footage starts panning fron front wheelshooting dj for voiceoverabc tv truck rolls up when done

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