Shop Photos-Under Construction 2007

The new location is still located on the Dragstrip. For those of you who have had any difficulties in the past finding us in our current location, the new location will be a huge benefit. We are now located in the very first building on the Dragstrip itself. Just take either of the two access roads off of Nicholasville Road and come down the hill to the stopsign. Turn on to the Dragstrip (Industry Parkway) and pull into the first parking lot on the left, that is our new parking lot. There will soon be signage installed and there will be exterior photos posted on this page, along with any other updated progress pics.

Click on any of the below pictures to see an enlarged view

Showroom and Customer Waiting Area and Customer Bathroom Access
Main showroom areaMain showroom along front wall towards front doorMain showroom from front doorMain showroom front wall from front door

Staff Private Access to Office Area and Staff Bathroom
Back hallway looking at production area Back hallway looking from production area to staff bathroom and office entrance

Production Areas (including 6 bays, warehousing, shipping, wood and metal working areas)
Production area looking at main garage doorProduction areaProduction area on the other side of the wall from the main showroom

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