Kentucky Street Drags 6

Sunday 5 May 2001 - There was a pretty poor turnout at this event. Maybe it crept us on everyone too quickly. All of our vehicles are in the process of getting things done. Only Shawn raced at the event this time, and he had to use Kevin's Civic to do it (which was suffering from a bad ignition problem.) It was still a pretty good day. Shawn won 6 out of the 7 races he ran in, and actually broke out by 9/1000th's of a second when he did lose. Anyway, we hope the next event will be must better. If anyone out their has any good photos or video available of this or one of the past events, please contact Shawn @ Street Sports during regular business hours at 859/278-7873 or drop an email to

Kevin's Civic ready to raceMT slicks on Kevin's CivicShawn driving Kevin's CivicSeth's Accord runningSeth in his new Celica GT about to grudge match Shawn driving Kevin's Civic

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