Kentucky Street Drags 4

Sunday 23 July 2000 - There was not a real big turnout this time around and we don't know why. It seems like the same people every time. We had expected I slew of cars from Louisville this time and we also knew of a few people coming from West Virginia, but we didn't see any of them. Hopefully the race in November will be the biggest turnout ever. We brought the Lotus of Rick Rickerson's and ran the worst times since he has owned it. It just got worse each round. I guess we will be calling Turbonetics this week to get a new turbo for it. Breck broke an axle on his first pass of the day. Mike's nitrous oxide wouldn't activate until the rounds were over. Audra did quite well for her first full race (at least she walked away with some prize money!) If anyone out their has any good photos or video available of this or one of the past events, please contact Shawn @ Street Sports during regular business hours at 859/278-7873 or drop an email to

Audra vs CivicRick vs GuidoLotus vs Supra240 vs Type RRichard beating truck
Audi at the lineAudra's first passBreck after breaking axleRick cooling engine

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