Kentucky Street Drags 3

Once again we did not see many of the other shops from around Kentucky participate in the last Street Drags at Clay City. Many of these shops are quick to talk trash throughout the year, but when it's time to forget the hype and show up to the track and prove their worthiness, we just don't see them. We won't name the shops here, they know who they are. Hopefully, soon enough their customers will too! We are proud to participate in these professionally run, safe and structured events. We would like to thank the crew at Clay City for another great weekend. Here are just a few of the photos from this November's Street Drags. If anyone out their has any good photos or video available of this or one of the past events, please contact Shawn @ Street Sports during regular business hours at 606/278-7873 or drop an email to

Shawn at the line after a killer burnout, a great start helped to win this race against a really tough opponentBadir at the line at Clay CityShawn & Badir grudge match late that evening
John at the line against "the cop's car"John beating Bobby Wombles supercharged 99 StangClick for a larger view

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